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How to Find the Owners Name of a Cell Phone Number
Due to the fact that there is not an official "directory of cell phone numbers" it is very difficult to find the owners name a cell phone number. There are a ways to find this information but it takes patience (and most of the time).
If you are looking for a free reverse cell phone number lookup then we would recommend first trying our reverse cell phone lookup. Our reverse lookup allows our registered members to search information about other members that have opted in to the National Cellular Directory. You can also search cell phone numbers in our premium database during Happy Hour.
Another way to find information is to use a reverse phone lookup website. These type of sites offer a tool called a reverse phone lookup which will find information on a phone number. Some of the information returned is name, address, possible relatives, etc. Most of these sites have information on cell phone numbers, unlisted numbers, and business phone numbers.
The only problem with using these sites is that most of them charge a fee to run a reverse phone lookup on a cell phone number. Also, there are many of these sites so it is hard to know which site is the cheapest or most accurate. Here at the National Cellular Directory we have reviewed the top 10 reverse phone lookup websites. Hopefully this will help you decided which website to use if you do intend to use one of them to lookup a cell phone number.
You could also try searching the major search engines for information. More than likely you won't find much but it is worth a shot since it is free. I would recommend trying different phone number formats when searching will yield different results.